Blog. What is it?

Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs! We’ve all heard of them and come across them, we have most probably read one at some point and even shared them! So what exactly is it?

A blog is in fact, a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is usually written in an informal or conversational style. 

What goes into a blog post?

Primarily, blogs are written by individuals who wish to express their interest about a hobby or subject that they are passionate about. Therefore, a blog can be about anything you want it to be about.

What have blogs got to do with my business and why are they so important? 

Having established what a blog is, you maybe asking yourself why has this person bothered to explain this to me and why is this even important. After all, this site isn’t about blogs. 

Having read so much about blogs, and with this being my first, I therefore considered it appropriate to cover this matter. Let’s face it – you are here, reading this blog for a reason. You could possibly be a blog virgin or possibly just curious. Either way, your reason for reading this is equally important. 

Important, is exactly the second reason why I am writing this blog. Specifically important for businesses. 

Blogging isn’t just for individuals or small groups anymore. It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes write blogs nowadays. Why, you ask? Because it matters. Blogging is a great way of engaging with your consumers and a great tool to keep them interested in your business. 

When blogging about your products or services, it provides; ‘helpful industry-specific content that: 1) gives your readers something useful to takeaway, 2) it shows that you are an industry expert’ and, 3) it will bring your customer confidence when dealing with you. 

A lot of the ways in which consumers interact with businesses nowadays is almost wholly computerized. Think; online shopping and self-service checkouts. The advancement and capability of technology is an amazing blessing. However, we don’t want to lose the humanistic interaction that we need to have with our consumers. This is furthermore, another reason why blogging is important and very useful for businesses: you can use your company’s blog posts to humanize your company, via engaging and relevant content, and in-turn, show how your products and services can help them. Amazing, right? I know!

WIZLR creates mobile solutions for businesses like yours. The chances are very high, that you’re reading this on a mobile device. So imagine this; you’ve just written a blog and published it in your businesses mobile app, your customer then directly gets a prompt about it, opens it, reads it and engages with your business. Priceless!

The ability to have your blog built into your mobile app is only one, among the ton of features that WIZLR offers.

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it 👍

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